Smart Garage Door Openers: Making Your Home Smarter


Imagine that you’re sitting on a beach in Bermuda, sipping on Mai Ties, when you suddenly get a case of door anxiety. Fearing the absolute worst – hence the door anxiety – you frantically start dialing numbers in an attempt to reach at least one of your neighbors. Only sighing with relief after learning that the door is closed and your home is safe.

But what if we told you there was a smarter way?

76 percent of all households living in single-detached homes have a covered shelter for vehicles – according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Therefore, the chances of your garage door being the first and last thing you pass through each and every day, I’d say are pretty good. This also means that your garage door opener is operated at least four times per day!

Until recently, your options for ridding yourself of that dreaded door anxiety were probably slim, as you only had two real choices: either double back and check (not really an option if you’re in Bermuda) or talk yourself into believing that would-be thieves won’t invite themselves inside. With the advent of the connected home, however, there’s a smarter way to go.

A Smart Garage Door Opener

When you want something smarter think smart garage door openers! The job description of a smart garage door opener isn’t limited to just opening and closing the door at the press of the button. Oh no! It’s a device that can be controlled via your smartphone no matter where in the world you may be. It’s a device that can also turn on the lights, lock the front door and more.*

Some models even come pre-equipped with battery backups – you know just in case of a power outage. Many of the available openers today connect wirelessly to a centrally located hub which allows you to connect over Ethernet to your Wi-Fi router.

These openers are designed to work hand in hand with a companion application that provides you with the power to control your garage door from virtually anywhere in the world. Newer models also allow you to communicate with other devices within your home including the entry door, appliances, lights and more.

*Depending on make and model.