Common Garage Door Problems

Owning any kind of machinery means that eventually, parts may need to be replaced. This includes cars, lawnmowers, and even garage doors. All these items have many pieces that help create bigger actions. For example, the garage door is the biggest moving part in your home and requires many smaller parts and pieces to help accomplish the main task, opening and closing the garage door. During the use of the garage door, wear and tear begins to take a toll on many or all the garage door pieces. When a part needs replacing, many common garage door problems can occur, as a result.

Common Garage Door Problems:

  • Garage door opener not working – this can result in failure to open and close your garage door. The problem can be caused from the batteries, sensor, or the motor of the garage door opener.
  • Broken springs – garage doors have two types of springs, torsion and extension, when either of these springs break; they will no longer lift the garage door. Springs must be replaced by an experienced and trained professional.
  • Broken cables – whether loose or broken, the process of replacing the cables can be complex.
  • Damaged panel – if the panel for the garage door is damaged, this may mean that there is a much bigger structural problem that may be occurring when the garage door is opened and closed.
  • Garage door remote control not working – this can be caused by a few things like a low/dead battery, the garage opener motor or sensors are not working properly.
  • Bent tracks – this can cause problems with opening and closing your garage door smoothly.
  • Old weather seal – this can be caused through every day wear and tear.
  • Garage door sticks – this can be caused by an obstruction in the wheel track on manual garage doors, while it can mean there is a problem with the garage door opener’s battery, sensor, and switches on automatic garage doors.
  • Noisy garage door – this can be caused by dirt and/or an obstruction in the track or the garage door parts may need lubricating.

When these problems occur, replacement parts are usually needed. Some parts are small and are easy to change while others are much more complicated and require professionals. Dynamic Door Service – Tulsa are the experts in Garage Door Repairs. We provide 24 hour service for municipalities, have fully stocked service vehicles, and have technicians that are factory trained. Give us call for all your garage door needs at (918) 938-1338.