Garage Door Safety Tips, Prevent Dangers To Your Children

Less than 2 weeks ago, a four-year-old boy was sadly crushed and killed by an automatic garage door in his home. Apparently, the garage door sensors had malfunctioned due to how small he was. This means that when the sensor to the garage door was obstructed by the young child, it failed to trigger the garage door opener to begin reversing. We, at Dynamic Door Service Tulsa, would like to send our condolences to his family and would also like to provide safety tips to prevent any unfortunate events like this one from happening again.

As any garage owner should now, the garage door is the largest moving object of the home. Being this large and heavy means that there is a greater chance of injury when using the garage door; therefore it is important to make sure that everyone in the home is aware of this and is willing to follow a few safety rules.

Always Monitor Young Children/Animals Around The Garage Door

As fun as a small remote with a couple of buttons or less may be, NEVER let children play with the garage door opener. It must be understood that the garage door can be dangerous and the remote is ONLY used to open and close the garage door. Again, the garage door and remote are NOT meant to be played with. Although, this does not mean that they cannot lend a helping hand by pushing the bottoms for you (only when asked). With the right mindset, children can learn how to be safe when in the garage.

Regular and Yearly Inspections/Maintenance

Just like you would get your car checked regularly, it is important to do the same with your automatic garage door and garage door opener, as there are many smaller parts working together. It is crucial that all moving parts are working properly and if not, that you get these garage door issues fixed promptly by your local garage door repair company. A proactive task you can do to check your sensors is to close the garage door. As it is closing, obstruct the beam of the sensors. You should notice that the garage door begins to open within 2 seconds of the sensor being obstructed. If this is not the case, again, call the professionals to troubleshoot the issue.

As you do your part to regularly check your garage door, make sure to have your preferred garage door experts inspect all parts of the garage door. This will make sure that the entire garage door system is functioning properly and not becoming more of a safety hazard for you and the family.

Teach When You Can

The garage door is not meant to be scary for children, but having them understand the true dangers of the garage door can be lifesaving. So, gather the children today and create a fun lesson for them all that teaches them how to properly use the garage door and the garage door opener remote control. Don’t forget to stress the importance that the garage door is not something to be played with.

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