Makeover Your Garage Door for Under $40

Your garage door, believe it or not, can literally make or break your home’s entire curb appeal (especially if it faces the street, which most do). Being left to brace the elements and pressures of daily use, however, can really take its toll on any garage door which can ultimately leave it in need of an upgrade.

While upgrading your garage door with a midrange priced one has the potential to net you an 88.4% return on investment (source: remodeling magazine), it is often not something that many homeowners can readily afford to do.  But upgrading doesn’t have to mean shelling out $1,500 in one afternoon.

Something that can be done very quickly, not to mention very affordably, to get your garage door looking like new again is to gel stain its exterior. Be the envy of the neighborhood with a classy looking garage door for less than $40 – including brushes.

Here’s What You Will Need

In the span of a few hours, your garage door can go from weather damaged, to a classy looking faux wood paneled garage door – all without costing you an arm and leg. When choosing gel stain, you’ll want to make sure it is suitable for your door’s material type. A multiple surface gel stain is recommended.

All you need are the following:

  • Synthetic brushes
  • Primer (for steel garage doors)
  • Gel stain in your choice of color

Makeover Your Garage Door: Starting Now

The hardest part of this DIY project includes making time to prep the door. You will need to thoroughly clean (tip: use a quality degreaser) and then remove any peeling paint and/or rust prior to staining the door. If you have a metal (steal) garage door then you may want to consider priming it before staining as well.

This will prevent the door from rusting in the future. While it may take a bit more time, lightly sanding the door will aid in the paint adhering. Using painters tape, carefully tape off the areas that shouldn’t be painted/stained, tape off any hardware as well (if applicable).

Once the prepping is complete, you can move onto staining the door, so apply those gloves (it’ll save you from walking around with stained hands). It is also important to note that the gel stain dries fast! To receive the best results, you will want to work in the early morning or evening hours, and don’t rush.

Makeover your garage door starting with one THIN coat (a thick coat will only provide you with a sloppy looking coat). Wait 24 hours for the first coat to completely dry prior to applying any additional coats of paint. After all coats have been applied, seal your upgraded garage door for long-lasting beauty.