A Hot Garage Is Just Not Cool

Welcome to yet another blazing hot summer! Temperatures might well be hovering in the triple digits, but you can still find plenty of ways to cool off, both in and out of the shade. Does finding refuge inside an air conditioned space sound like a grand idea? You’re not alone!

Many Tulsa residents take shelter inside their homes, and their garages, during the summer months. Keeping the garage cool is especially important for those that like to work on their car, tackle DIY projects, or just hang out (many have even converted their garage’s into man caves).

Let’s not kid ourselves, your garage may be cooler, but it’s really not that much cooler. That is, unless, you’ve incorporated one of the following methods. Here’s our favorite methods for cooling your garage down by at least a few notches:

  1. Circulate the Air

Does your garage have a window? You can install a one-room air conditioner in the window to bring in cool air. A more economical way to keep the air circulating is to strategically place fans (i.e. box, ventilation, exhaust, oscillating) throughout the area. Just keep the air moving.

  1. Think Insulation

If you spend lots of time in your garage, you may want to consider adding some form of insulation, as these materials will help to keep your garage cool during the dog days’ of summer. You can install insulation around windows, doors, walls and the ceiling.

  1. Garage Door Replacement

Is your existing garage door looking a bit worn? Then you may want to consider replacing it with a new fully-insulated garage door. Make sure to choose a door with a high R-value (thermal resistance); the higher the better. Insulation is an extremely effective method.

  1. Weather Stripping

Everyone wants to keep out hot air, yet they don’t know where to start, or which products make for the best investment. The good news, is that weather stripping is both economical, and effective. Weather stripping is the process of applying a one-sided sticky strip used to seal openings. It helps to seal air leaks by keeping the cool air in and the heat out. It includes:

  • Felt rolls which are relatively inexpensive but have a short lifespan.
  • Tubular rubber, vinyl, or silicone.
  • Foam tape made from EPDM rubber.
  • Door sweeps make of aluminum or stainless steel.

All of these ideas, and the many other ideas available, are effective at keeping your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, some of them have the added benefit, of increasing your home’s property value and curb appeal.