Holiday Preparation Tips

It’s amazing how quickly time flies, isn’t it? At Dynamic Door Service Tulsa, we can hardly believe its November, let alone the fact that it’s nearly holiday time again! With only 19 days left until Thanksgiving, 50 days left until Christmas, and 58 days left until we ring in the New Year now is certainly the best time to begin thinking up ways to spruce up your home for holiday celebrations.

Here are some holiday preparation tips that we hope will help you make the most of the quickly approaching season.

Prep Your Porch

Greet your holiday guests with cheer by placing a few festive decorations right outside your front door. Cozy up any outdoor furniture with pillows printed with holiday reindeer, ornaments, and/or messages. Display mini pine trees by your front door (add one to each side of the entry to frame the door). Hang a seasonal wreath – and don’t forget the garland. Line the walkway with DIY luminaries.

Clean the Gutters

A yard speckled with crimson, golden, and tangerine-colored leaves is beautiful. The same leaves in your gutters, not so much! Rainwater cannot flow through clogged gutters – period. The result? Spillover that may damage your home’s siding, roof, and even its foundation. If you haven’t already, you should immediately remove the leaves from your gutters, rather than chance the buildup turning into a costly problem.

Tidy Up Your Landscaping

There are few traditions more associated with Thanksgiving Day than football. Make sure your landscaping is turkey and game day ready by trimming the shrubs, mowing the grass, adding new mulch, and raking up those beautiful leaves. If it snows in your area, you’ll want to shovel the walkways, and ensure they’re not slippery by adding some salt. Don’t forget to air up the football!

Consider a New Garage Door

Are you dealing with the annoyance of a garage door that doesn’t function properly? Gift yourself a new garage door this holiday season! There are several benefits that make purchasing a new garage door beneficial including improving your property’s curb appeal, adding value to your home, increasing your home’s security, and reducing the need for professional repair. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.